Basic Types and Characteristics of Stretch Films

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Basic Types and Characteristics of Stretch Films

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There are a lot of different brands and styles of stretch wrap film on the market today. In fact, there are too many, which is, to say the least, confusing. Interested buyers can find stretch film mini roll and jumbo roll stretch film supplies on our website. 

Hand Stretch Film and Machine Stretch Film are the two main types of stretch film. The rest of the differences are based on gauge, manufacturing, and how the product is used.

What is Hand Stretch Film?

Hand stretch film is a type of stretch film that is designed to be used by hand. It is also called hand film, hand wrap, hand stretch wrap, and manual pallet wrap. It is usually used in packaging jobs with fewer items. But the effectiveness of manual stretch wrap packaging should be re-evaluated often in light of the possible benefits of switching to films that are applied by a machine.

If you choose the right stretch applicator, your packaging operations will be faster and less expensive.

What is Machine Stretch Film?

Machine stretch film is a stretch film that is made to be used with a stretch wrap machine. It has many advantages over hand film, such as being faster and better at packaging, saving money on packaging materials, being easier to use, making loads safer, and more.

Different Kinds of Machine Stretch Film:

  • A stretched film that has been blow
  • Cast Stretch Film
  • Stretched out film

Stretch Film for Special Uses:

The most important thing to know about the stretch wrap is that you need more film to secure a load that is heavier and going farther. With this in mind, choosing the most cost-effective way to ship your goods requires knowledge, experience, and expertise.

What is Stretch Cast Film?

Cast Stretch Film, also called Cast Film or Cast Wrap is made through a process called cast extrusion.

Cast stretch films usually have the following traits:

  • Excellent optics
  • Clear
  • Glossy
  • Better resistance to tearing
  • Quiet Unwind
  • Constantly Stick
  • Film Thickness That Is Consistent

What are Films that have already been Stretched?

The pre-stretched film is a film that has been stretched (or pre-stretched) during the manufacturing process and then rolled onto cores for sale to customers.

Pre-stretch Film Benefits:

  • safer and easier for the operator to use
  • Less work is needed from the operator to wrap pallet loads.
  • Less trash to throw away
  • Reduced neck down gets rid of turning and walking around the pallet.
  • Lighter rolls cut down on operator fatigue and staff injuries that take time to heal.
  • Pre-stretch films can be reused or remade.
  • The pre-stretched film is stable, strong, and consistent.

What are Stretch Films for Specialty Uses?

Specialty stretch films are made to meet very specific packaging needs that can’t be met by more general-use stretch packaging. Here are a few examples of specialty stretch packaging films.

  • UVI Wrap Stretch
  • VCI Stretch Wrap
  • Roll Wrap Film
  • Wide Web Wrap
  • Pallet Wrap Netting
  • Stretch film with a tint
  • Heavy Gauge Film
  • Bundling Film
  • Vented Pallet Wrap
  • Banding Film
  • Opaque Black Stretch

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