Common Food Packaging Materials & Types Of Food Packaging Machine?

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Common Food Packaging Materials & Types Of Food Packaging Machine?

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Commonly Used Food Packaging Material 

  1. Paper and paperboard packaging

Paper and packaging made of paperboard are the most common materials. When it comes to being used as food packaging materials, paper and thick paperboard have about 34% market share.

The packaging of dry foods like rice, lentils, and flour uses this material. It is affordable and degradable.

  1. Plastics

Rigid plastic material and flexible packaging plastic material are the two forms of plastic used to package food containers.

They each own a market share of 27% and 10%, respectively. The advantages of plastic containers include their low cost, flexibility in shaping, lightweight, and simplicity of production.

However, the difficulties in recycling plastic food containers have led to a lot of criticism of the material.

  1. Glass

Many liquid food items are packaged in glass bottles because of their non-permeable nature. It is an indefinitely recyclable approach that is chemically safe.

The high weight of this food packing is a drawback, too. It is also readily broken.

  1. Metals

Metals can transport both liquid and solid food ingredients. Both canned goods and beverages employ this technique.

Metals have advantages compared to those of glass without the weight or fragility of glass.

Tin-coated steel and aluminum are two metals used in the food industry; the latter is gaining popularity because of its barrier qualities.

Different types of food packaging machines?

It is no longer practical to pack every food item by hand due to the magnitude of modern food production. Nowadays, automated food packaging machines like roll stretch wrapping machine handle this task.

The following are some frequent instances of automation in food packaging:

  1. Pick and place machines

These people choose a food item from one location and put it in another. For handling chocolates, snack crackers, and processing related food goods, pick and place packaging machines are frequently utilized.

  1. Case packing machines

Food may be packed using PWR’s adaptable packaging robots into any tray, case, basket, or crate. Case packing systems can also be configured to reject any flawed product.

  1. Cutting machines

Sliced bread and other foods are prepared using cutting machines. Food items can be precisely chopped with the help of cutting robots and other cutting-edge technologies.

  1. Smartline

When it comes to automating your food packaging line, Smartline is a financially viable option that will increase productivity while cutting labor costs.

It is relatively inexpensive and provides the ability to load products, cases, and flow wrappers.

  1. Packaging machines

These are available in several forms, including blister, skin, and vacuum packaging. Everyone has a unique use.

For example, pharmaceuticals are packaged in blister packs, whereas lesser quantities of goods are packaged in vacuum bags.

  1. Cartoner

Folding cartons are made and food is packed into them using cartooning machines. Folding cartons often start off as flat cardboard pieces that carton shapes into the desired shape.

  1. Form, fill, and seal machines

These devices are used to pack the food into pouches or sachets that are created. For instance, shape, fill, and seal machines are used to create milk bags.

  1. Checkweighing machines

These devices are set up at the end of a line for packing food. They weigh the final food item after packing it. The food item is rejected if the weight is off.

  1. Auto coding machines

Labels on food packs are created and applied by auto-coding machines. The labels include information such as the date of manufacture, weight, pertinent codes, etc.

There are several specialized machinery in the sizable food packaging industry. The machines we listed above come in a wide variety of different configurations.


We come across food packaging multiple times each day. The majority of the food you consume, unless you live on a farm, will be packaged in some way like with stretch film by stretch film jumbo roll manufacturer, which makes transporting food simpler.

For those prepared to invest, the industry has a promising future. Many high-end packers rely on PWR Pack, an industry-leading producer of food packaging solutions.

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