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August 31, 2021
stretch film hand roll
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How To Choose The Right Stretch Film?

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Manual film stretch wrapping machine and wooden pallet with parcels wrapped in the stretch film, 3D rendering

With the number of changes in the industry and the variety of product choices available, it is confusing for many when selecting the right stretch film hand roll. It is important to partner with a supplier, providing an accurate analysis of your overall wrapping procedure. Focusing on variables such as:

  • Shipping and storage conditions
  • Load type
  • Machine type and condition
  • Tension settings
  • Pre-stretch levels
  • Total revolutions

With the type of the film, ensure that all loads are properly secured with the least amount of plastic used. Also, your organization maintains the lowest cost per load-effectively shipped.

Points To Consider Before Choosing:

Thin Films:

Thinner high-performance and ultra-high-performance stretch wrap films result from recent advancements in materials and methods. They feel, act, and perform like thicker conventional rolls. Customers now take benefit of these films due to advancements in stretch wrap machinery. High-performance wraps reduce the amount of film required per pallet, lowering the overall cost-per-load. 250% pre-stretch levels are becoming the standard, with 63g material replacing 80g without compromising on confinement or abrasion resistance. Even thinner films are frequently used, depending on the application.

The proper Application Of The Film:

Items damaged in transit will cancel out any savings made by reducing packaging costs. Buying decisions are based on price per roll rather than total cost. A properly secured load, and an improvement in the whole wrapping process to decrease expenses. Some of the things you need to look for are:

  • Do you have a set of written and enforced stretch wrapping guidelines?
  • Do you have control over the stretch wrapper’s settings?
  • Do you have a procedure in place for determining load containment?
  • Do you keep track of the appearance of your loads regularly?
  • Do you understand why you are performing your stretch wrapping method the way you are? If you say no, you are most likely not doing it properly.

High Performance And Sustainability:

There are three agreed views upon sustainability:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

These have become a loosely used term: as much as possible. As stretch film including mini stretch film cannot be reused once it has been cut from the pallet, material reduction remains the best solution. Annually, an estimate of 800 million pounds of machine film is generated.

At a weight of 1/2 pounds per pallet, 1.6 billion pallets would be wrapped. The machine film industry alone would be worth 3.2 billion pounds today, based on an average per pallet weight of 2.0 pounds.

Hand wrap has seen similar gauge reductions. The normal 100 gauges have been replaced by 47 gauges, which has cut waste material in half. Film recycling is becoming more widespread with these trends. Stretch film recycled material has a high level of stability, allowing for many extrusions without losing characteristics. Stretch film is recycled at a rate of above 50%.

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