Types Of Stretch Film And Its Distinct Applications

stretch film hand roll
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December 20, 2021
stretch film hand roll
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February 25, 2022
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Types Of Stretch Film And Its Distinct Applications

stretch film hand roll

Stretch Wrap is a product that wraps a flexible plastic film around objects to secure them on a pallet for storage or transit. It comes in a variety of styles. A colored stretch film is popular for industrial applications. But do you know what the different sorts are and what they are used for?

Stretch wrap film is a thin material, and a stretchable plastic film made from polyethylene. It locks and secures products onto the pallet. You can wrap stretch film around the pallet, apply pressure, and enable the film to extend the length. This creates a force that allows it to hold in place. Stretch wrap can be recycled but ensure to check that your recycling center accepts soft plastics.

Stretch film hand roll

Types Of Stretch Film:

Stretch wraps come in a variety of styles, each of which is suited for addressing unique demands based on load size, performance requirements, and budget.

Pre-stretch film:

Pre-stretching includes stretching the film during the manufacturing process, which can improve film strength, load stability, waste reduction, and stretch packaging cost savings. For significantly faster wrapping, it can be used with stretch wrap machines and human application procedures.

Cast Stretch Film:

Without additives, produce a smooth surface with good optics, gloss, strength, and cling. It is a powerful film that only clings to itself to keep things on pallets from sliding around while they’re in transportation. Because of its versatility, this pallet wrap is popular in the food business.

Blown Stretch Film:

Blown stretch films are made using a process known as blown extrusion and are often used for larger, irregular loads and applications needing excellent puncture and tear resistance. When the reels are unwound, they tend to make more noise.

The Various Application Types:

Machine stretch film:

It is meant to be used with a stretch wrap machine and offers several benefits, including faster and more efficient wrapping, lower packaging material costs, safer application, and more secure loads.

Hand Applied:

Regular cast film, standard blown film, pre-stretched film, colored film, and dispensers are all available in our hand-applied stretch wrap. Stretch film hand roll is used for a variety of applications.

For manual stretch wrap packaging applications, hand-held stretch films are used. As a result, hand film rolls are lighter and smaller than machine film rolls, allowing for easier application. Companies that wrap modest batches of products frequently employ hand stretch film.

The following are some pointers for using hand-held stretch films:

  • Always position the outside of the film against the pallet’s surface.
  • Before wrapping, secure the stretch film to the pallet by securing it to the pallet foundation.
  • Always make sure the film covers the pallet’s base and the load’s bottom layer.
  • To secure the load, wrap the bottom of the pallet at least twice.
  • Overlapping the film by 30 to 50 percent is recommended.
  • Consider wrapping the pallet twice, depending on the weight of your load.
  • Use the film horizontally to create a strap for added strength.

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