Colored serials stretch film

Quality Colored Stretch Film Supplier in China

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Limited is a leading manufacturer of colored stretch film. As an e-commerce colored film supplier, we have successfully served hundreds of customers and have shifted several one-time buyers into repeated ones. We are swiftly moving towards high-tech and high-quality packaging materials, specifically in stretch films.

Why Colored Stretch Film

Whether these films are used for commercial or consumer purposes, each roll of stretch film has a stiff cling and strong tear-resistance to protect items from opening or falling apart while in motion. These colored and lightweight materials are ideal for transporting goods as they are user-friendly and cost-effective.

Why Choose Us

Durable Stretch Wrap Film:

Made of durable and heavy-duty plastic material with a massive gauge for industrial strength. Our colored stretch film can firmly secure large, heavyweight, or oversized products even under extreme weather conditions and severe transit.

For Personal and Industrial Use:

Either you need to wrap pallets for cargo or transfer furniture out of your house, our stretch films come in handy. These films are lightweight and transparent material and are perfect for transporting and moving goods as it is cost-effective and user-friendly compared to other wrapping stuff.

Better Than Various Other Wrapping Material:

Unlike tape, these colored stretch film do not leave residue behind. Most industrial workers and movers use stretch films for all their logistical requirements. Our films can be applied to save fabric furniture from stains, rips, dirt, and scratches.

You can secure perishable items too such as vegetables and fruits, to keep them fresh.

Handles are Easy to Use:

Our easy-to-use and specifically designed colored stretch film handles make the wrapping process faster and extremely efficient. You only need to insert the handles into both sides of the stretch film hand roll and start wrapping.

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