Colored serials stretch film

Vibrant Colored Stretch Film

Our vibrant stretch film is translucent, so even after several rotations, visibility is maintained. Several organizations use colored stretch wrap to quickly identify product loads whether in storage or transit. Our colored stretch film comes in the following colors: blue, red, green, yellow, and orange. Several colors provide rapid and straightforward identification while wrapping numerous product loads.

Due to its elastic memory, the colored stretch film can diverge greatly from its original length. Stretching the material causes it to try to return to its original shape, resulting in a tight, dependable wrap. Following this technique prevents bundles from becoming loose or breaking apart while being transported.

Benefits of Selecting Our Colored Stretch Wrap

We now only have our 80 gauge colored stretch wrap available. Both rolls with a conventional 3″ core for manual stretching and rolls with an extended core for machine stretching are available for our vibrant stretch film. Custom thicknesses can be created on demand. As stretch wrap suppliers, these are the benefits of our products you must know:

  • Increased production results from increased efficiency.
  • Swiftly locate a load.
  • Safeguards against product manipulation.

So, do not waste any more time, and let’s join hands together for a better tomorrow.

Different Colors Available

Stretch film in different colors is a terrific solution for carrying a range of cargoes. We provide companies that use colored stretch film for a variety of purposes. Some folks use our opaque stretch film and colored stretch wrap to conceal product loading. Some people use our patterned, translucent stretch film to quickly identify pallet loads while they are being moved or stored.

Utilizations include keeping inventories organized, giving things a nice appearance, and even protecting your merchandise by concealing them behind a colorful barrier. Another application is the color tagging of products for simple identification.

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