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Top China Stretch Film Hand Roll Suppliers

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Limited (Jiayou) is one of the leading stretch film hand rolls and stretch film machine roll suppliers in China. When you are searching for efficient methods to wrap your equipment easily and that too at an affordable price, stretch film is a useful solution. This highly stretchable stuff is made of low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) while the film can stretch over 200% of its regular size to keep the items tightly bound.

Why Choose Us

Our stretch film hand roll can be used for:

  • Dimensionally unstable and light packaged goods such as packs of trays, empty containers, or sanitary paper
  • Dimensionally stable and heavy packaged items such as in the construction materials industry
  • Packaged goods that have sharp points or edges such as in the wood or printing industries
  • Packaged goods along with hollow and protrusions areas such as in the furniture market
  • Packaged goods that can tip for instance in the beverage industry
  • Packaged goods in the refrigerator or freezer section such as at dairies or in the food industry
  • Securing wrapped goods packed in cardboard such as in the luxury food and foodstuff industries

What Sets us Apart

Quality with Technology

Being one of the top stretch film hand roll suppliers, our continuous management and quality control are based on the recent testing standards along with modern testing methods. Jiayou leads the Chinese market with an extensive and cutting-edge plant thereby offering clients optimum reliability of supply.

We Take Customers in Confidence

Jiayou consults with clients to find an efficient, effective, secure, and sustainable packaging process for the stretch film hand roll related to their particular application. We also offer customer support and leave no stone unturned.

As a top Chinese supplier of stretch film hand roll suppliers, we make sure to deliver the order on time. So, order now!

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