Stretch film hand roll

Stretch Film Hand Rolls Suppliers & Application:

Stretch wrap, which can be done by hand or by machine and is also called stretch film. one of the easiest ways to secure and protect your load while moving or storing it. It can be used with hand-held devices, and semi-automatic or fully automatic stretch wrappers by stretch film hand rolls suppliers. We provide it in different grades, gauges, widths, and colors so that it can be used in the best way for your application. Being a stretch film hand rolls supplier. we care about your accessibility and affordability. So hrs why you should invest in buying our product. 

Why Choose Stretch Film Hand Roll:



  • Increased Product Protection: If you wrap your loads with Stretch Film Hand Roll, they will be protected from dirt, dust, and moisture. This will keep your product clean and dry, but it will still be easy to see. When stored outside, UVI stretch films can protect against UV rays.
  • Reduced Product Damage/Increased Load Stability:

    You can wrap your product securely to make a more stable load that is less likely to move while being moved around by a forklift in your warehouse, which reduces product damage.

  • Better shipping and handling methods
  • Increased Stack Height:

    When you use stretch film with angle boards. you can stack your load higher on pallets to get the most out of the space you have when you store or ship your goods.

  • Increased Productivity:

    You can wrap your loads with Stretch Film Hand Roll, quickly and efficiently to keep them safe, which makes your workers more productive and lets them do more work in a day.

  • Flexibility:

    It lets you stabilize loads that are hard to stack or aren’t square and can’t be stacked in a neat square.

  • Better inventory control:

    When like products are put together in units, they can be counted more easily and accurately. This reduces the chance that products will get separated. which can slow down and waste time when measuring inventory. If you have a scanning system, you can use it to scan right through clear stretch wrap.

Why Choose Us?

Find out why our virgin LLDPE is of the highest quality and why we are the ideal choice for a stretch film that is both environmentally friendly and safe.

We Promise;

  • Excellent pliability, resistance to puncture, durability, and a maximum stretch of 500%. reduce your expenses
  • Pure paper at its core, reject cement
  • Team members should be regularly trained, should be open to learning new technologies, and should always meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our Strengths:

  • There has been a dedicated team working on research and development and manufacturing for the past 12 years.
  • Constantly educate staff, learn cutting-edge techniques, and meet customer needs.
  • Stage control from virgin material, additive material, testing, purchasing, production, etc. to ensure compliance with the RoHS directive (EU) 2015/863 Annex II.
  • Give us a window of 1-3 days for incredibly quick shipping. Our domestic logistics team ensures on-time, worry-free deliveries. and our shift-based staff is available around the clock to respond quickly to any client requests.

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