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A type of packing material used frequently in the shipping and transportation sector is the item we sell. It is a plastic film made to be wrapped around pallets, boxes, or other objects to keep them safe and secure while in transit. The roll of film has a standard width of 12 to 18 inches and a length of 1000 to 1500 feet.

Stretch film, commonly known as stretch wrap, can be produced manually or mechanically. one of the simplest methods for securing and safeguarding your load while transporting or storing it. Stretch film hand roll suppliers can utilize it with handheld gadgets as well as automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers. To enable it to be used in the most effective manner for your purpose, we offer it in a variety of grades, gauges, widths, and colors. But you must also take a brief look at our stretch film machine roll.

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We, as stretch film hand roll suppliers, offer more product protection by shielding your loads from moisture, dirt, and dust. This will keep your merchandise tidy and dry while preserving its visibility. UVI stretch sheets can block UV rays when kept outside. For the past 12 years, a committed team has been focusing on production, research, and development.

Flexible film The term “hand roll” refers to how it is frequently employed. The film is to adhere to the object firmly, forming a safe and protective coating that helps guard against damage and moving throughout transportation. Several grades and thicknesses are available from stretch film hand roll suppliers, depending on the degree of protection required for the object. While thinner films are more economical and can be used for lesser loads, thicker films are more cost-effective and offer superior protection

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