Sretch film machine roll

High-Quality Stretch Film Machine Roll Manufacturer

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Limited (Jiayou) is a leading name among stretch film machine roll and mini roll suppliers in China. We have served hundreds of corporate clients since our inception and are continuing to do so. We are considered as an authority in the stretch film industry in China.

What is a Stretch Film?

Stretch films are used to unitize several small individual items together and they can be on a pallet. Stretch film roll is also used to save products during shipment and storage. It can be used to wrap irregular loads with minimal effort.

Why Choose Machine Roll Stretch Film

Wraps Loads Faster –

This machine roll stretch film is meant for stretch wrap converters and pallet wrap machines, making pallets and wrapping large items faster.

Heavy Duty

Our stretch film machine roll is made of thick material that is extremely durable.


Our machine roll stretch film sticks to itself. Therefore, it offers a better cling and makes sure that it lasts throughout your moving, shipping, packing, and storing.

Preserves Items

The cling plastic wrap saves your possessions from stains or dust, protects surfaces of furniture from scuffs, Scratch and damage without leaving any residue.

Multipurpose Use Stretch Roll Machine

Our stretch roll machine is perfect for safely securing almost every type of item such as large shipments, furniture, or protecting warehouse stock.

What Sets us Apart

Production and Delivery

We are a one-stop-shop solution and by “Solution” we mean everything at Jiayou. By sourcing us you can maximize your ease and order efficiency, amplify cost savings, and secure accountability.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Jinyou can satisfy each of your needs in industrial end-of-line from a simple machine roll stretch film to the integrated multiple stretch roll machine solutions.  Through equipment, we always live up to our clients’ expectations.

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