Stretch film jumbo roll

Top Quality Stretch Film Jumbo Roll Manufacturer and Supplier

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Limited (Jiayou) is among the leading Chinese stretch film jumbo roll suppliers. We have the knack for producing lasting and quality stretch film rolls in the industry. Whether you have to wrap boxes, pallets, or furniture, we make sure our quality products will keep your items secure and safe.

Reasons to Choose Jiayou

Stretch film is among the common and easily recycled plastic products across the globe and when it comes to Jiayou, ease of use gets enhanced.


Because, corporates and professionals know, buying from the quality jumbo roll stretch film brand saves money

Jiayou is the direct stretch film jumbo roll manufacturer that reduces your overall cost. All our stretch films are manufactured using pure Chinese resin.

Save time and money –

Stretch film in general and stretch film jumbo roll in particular, is more economical than twine, tape, or strapping.

Save to damage your products –

Our state-of-the-art formula ensures our plastic only glues to itself and not with your furniture.

Safe for the Overall Environment –

Stretch film jumbo roll made with LLDPE is among the most common and easiest recycled plastics in China.

What Sets us Apart

We produce and offer a versatile stretch film jumbo roll that is usable for moving, protecting, and storing any of the official and household items.

Up to 200% Stretch Ability –

Fine stretch, comfortable to unwrap, glues to itself for a perfect seal. The more one stretches it, the more adhesive gets activated.

Save massively by directly buying from the stretch film jumbo roll manufacturer like Jiayou.

Top Quality Jumbo Roll Stretch Film –

We use only high-quality and highly rated materials. Our jumbo roll stretch film is clear and never gets cloudy from using weaker recycled materials.

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