Stretch film mini roll

Top Quality Stretch Film Mini Roll Supplier

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Limited (Jiayou) is a leading stretch film mini roll and supplier. The latest equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility make one of the prominent names in the stretch wrap industry.

Jiayou is a simple, fast, and convenient online mini stretch film store where you can buy stretch films for your warehousing and packaging products. We put our customers’ success first and offer them a burden-free and efficient online shopping experience.

Why Choose Us

Industrial Strength Mini Stretch Film:

If you have to wrap anything in the office or home, whether it’s boxes, furniture, objects featuring loads that are difficult and uneven to handle, our stretch film mini roll is the solution for you!

Use for Moving, Shipping, Boxes, and Furniture:

Ideal for companies that ship pallets of products. Commercial Grade. Durable strength.

Durable and Thick Self-Adhering Shrink Wrap Film:

Tough and extreme strength holding force, consistent film performance, and reduced shifting. Every mini stretch film has load retaining and a superior force and firmly secured products, under the toughest conditions.

Each of our stretch wraps comes with an easy handle for convenient application.

Serve Wheel Chairs a Well

You can use our stretch film mini roll to wrap wheels on a wheelchair if you need to feed your pets to keep mud and dirt off! Also, if you need to go to someone’s house having a nice carpet; just wrap (tape ) the end to the tire and stretch it. As you roll it will stick to the tire and you can protect their carpet from tire marks. Cut and roll it off while you leave.

Shrink in general and mini stretch film, in particular, are the most useful supplies that you can provide to your clients. So, contact us now!

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