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June 18, 2021
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Stretch Wrap


Quality Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine Supplier

Wuxi Jiayou Packaging Materials Co., Limited is one of the prominent stretch wrap film manufacturers in China. When you deliver products by sea, they become vulnerable to improper handling, sudden movements, and environmental elements. These dangers can damage goods while unplanned labor can become costly for your logistics processes.

Stretch wrapping is the process of compiling a pallet of goods to minimize damage risk before they reach their delivery destination.

We offer an array of stretch packaging film supplies with an easy-to-use online ordering system. To make your job of sourcing easy, you are just a click away. Our stretch wrap products include:

  • Colored stretch wrap
  • Roll stretch wrapping machine
  • Stretch film jumbo roll
  • Stretch film mini roll and more.

To know more about our offerings and relevant details, head on to the “our products” tab.

High-Quality Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine

As one of the leading stretch wrap film manufacturers, we always deliver premium stretch films in the market with quality standards. We have developed performance-driven machinery that delivers reliability and flexibility to your packaging solutions.

Why Our stretched Wrap Film?

Our manufactured normal and colored stretch wrap is a revolutionary stretch film that can dramatically reduce your packaging cost. Thus, if you require a simple solution like a roll stretch wrapping machine or a large-scale solution for pallet wrapping, Jiayou is the company for YOU.

Why You Need Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine

Using the most basic pallet roll stretch wrapping machine can reduce your expenses by making the wrapping process efficient. You can also step up to a stretch machine and watch your film consumption go down and your savings go up.

If you are a high-volume colored application user, you can benefit from our colored stretch wrap. Irrespective of your application, we have the film, machinery, and expertise to take your headaches and expense away from wrapping pallets for you.